Mohithirith Tepthida Pos Sor
Mohithirith Tepthida Pos Sor
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Mohithirith Tepthida Pos Sor

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Status: Completed Released: Jul 9, 2018 - Jul 23, 2018 Duration: 45 Country: Type: TV Episodes: 61 Censor: Censored Posted by: Released on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Mohithirith Tepthida Pos Sor

Mohithirith Tepthida Pos Sor When Zi Xuan encountered Bai Yao Yao, he was already well on his way to becoming a divinity as the master of the medicinal valley and a student of the Jade Emperor. Yao Yao, a tiny white snake spirit who lived among humans in the mortal realm, had no intention of falling in love, but sometimes the nicest things in life happen when we least expect them.

Zi Xuan and Yao Yao should have enjoyed a lovely life together because their fates were intertwined, but when the demon catcher Fa Hai discovers them together, he becomes fixated on severing their bond. Yao Yao accidentally unleashes chaos and death upon the human world when she breaks a heavenly seal in a desperate attempt to rescue the life of the mortal she loves. Zi Xuan makes the ultimate sacrifice to save the planet, leaving Yao Yao inconsolable and facing a bleak eternity by alone.

Before Yao Yao permits herself to once more walk among men, a thousand years have passed. Zi Xuan, who has been reborn as Xu Xian, is discovered by the traveller. While Yao Yao remembers every detail of her previous life, Xu Xian has no recollection of it. She makes the promise that this time will be different.

Zi Xuan is a Green Emperor disciple who specialises in medicine and is training to become a god. He sees a little white snake that he kept as a pet and gave the name Xiao Bai. Eventually, Xiao Bai accumulated enough cultivation to change into a teenage human girl, and she began to develop a strong romantic relationship with Zi Xuan. She accidently destroys a celestial seal at the elixir chamber of Mount Jiuxi and unleashes an ancient beast, the black water dragon, from its thousand-year confinement on the human world while searching for a herb that would save Zi Xuan’s life after he is injured. Zi Xuan sacrifices himself in order to save the world, but prior to vanishing, he gives Xiao Bai a proper name: Bai Yaoyao.

Bai Yaoyao is grieved by Zi Xuan’s passing and makes the decision to withdraw from society. They eventually cross paths again after a millennium. The leader of the Yao Shi Palace (medicine valley), Zi Xuan, who has since undergone rebirth as Xu Xian, has no memory of his previous life with Bai YaoYao. She does, however, keep track of everything and works to make sure he leads a peaceful life.

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